Mangango goes to the polls

Mangango August 2014
Mangango August 2014

AFTER heated campaigns that sometimes degenerated into physical confrontations, Mangango residents in Kaoma will today exercise their voting rights in a by-election that has attracted six candidates.

All the parties have sold their party manifestos to the 17,157 registered electorate and it now remains for the voters to send to Parliament a person they feel will represent their interests.
The candidates’ spread is quite wide, from the ruling Patriotic Front to the 4th Republican Party although their candidate. Also in the ring are the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD), United Party for National Development (UPND), Alliance for Democracy and Development (FDD) and UNIP.
The by-election was necessitated by the Supreme Court’s nullification of the election of MMD’s Robert Chiseke on grounds of electoral malpractice, and the former law-maker is not recontesting.
On the ballot will be the ADD’s Mwene Nalawa, MMD’s Charles Mwenzala, PF’s Rogers Lingweshi 4th Revolution Party’s Mukumbuta Kabuyana, UPND’s Godwin Putu and UNIP’s Janet Chingumbe.
All are confident with Ms Chingumbe riding on her gender to outwit a five-man cast.
“I visited an area known as Likolomani and children start school at the age of 12 years and they travel 37 kilometres to the nearest school.  People in this area do not feel part of Zambia due to the lack of development,” Ms Chingumbe said.
And Mr Putu is equally hopeful, promising development if elected.
The ADD’s Nalawa says his campaigns were issue-based, which places him way ahead of the rest, a sentiment also expressed by Mr Lingweshi of the PF,  who said he will work closely with Mr Chiseke to foster development.


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