— Govt. takes a swipe at council’s illegal allocation of plots

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Govt. takes a swipe at  council’s illegal allocation of plots

 Kalomo, August 19th, 2014, ZANIS —-  Government  says it is not impressed in the manner civic authorities are administering land matters in the country.


Local government and housing deputy minister, Forrie Tembo says government was concerned with the manner most councils in the country have permitted illegal land allocations in their districts.


Mr. Tembo said this has resulted into the mushrooming of an un-authorized structures, a development he said could be avoided if civic authorities operated more professionally regarding land administration and acquisition in the country.


ZANIS reports that the Deputy minister said this during a meeting he held with council workers together with Kalomo district commissioner, Lucia Mwiinde in the district, today.


This was after  he , Mr, Tembo, toured several illegal residential structures that have been built on State land in Bwacha and Boma areas.


“I am quite disappointed with what am seeing on the ground, we have encouraged more problems for ourselves. You, as councils should take time to sensitise the community on land acquisition procedures other than make your districts be un-governable,” Tembo lamented.


And  Mr. Tembo says resident development committees (RDC) were  no longer recognized in the country.

He explained that the RDCs were illegal and had no powers to apportion pieces of land in part of the country.


The deputy minister warned that  saying any person found wanting posing as a RDC officer will face the wrath of the law.


He was responding to remarks by council secretary, Forster Nasilele who said the RDCs in the area have continued to administer allocation of plots in the district.


The minister accompanied by his physical planning and housing principal planner for development control, Shadrecrick Kafwambile is on a tour of Southern province on an inspection of illegal land allocations and acquisition and monitor the administration of CDF.


Meanwhile, government  is considering re-introducing the grain levy.

Mr. Tembo said at the same meeting that  it was unfortunate that some councils  had misinterpreted the grain levy by even targeting the farming communities when actually it was meant for the buyers.


He noted that in the absence of a broad tax revenue base mostly from the evaluation roll and without grants, councils would not adequately provide the much needed services which communities expect from them.