Fr Bwalya responds to Kambwili’s mad remarks

Father Frank Bwalya - 2014
Father Frank Bwalya - 2014

Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya has wondered why Youth and Sport Minister, Chishimba Kambwili could today refer to him as a mad man when he is the same one who campaigned for him and other PF candidates prior to the 2011 elections.

On Sunday, while addressing a rally in Luanshya’s Mpatamatu Township, Mr. Kambwili, who is also Roan Member of Parliament is said to have referred to Father Bwalya as a mad man for abandoning Priesthood to join politics.

Speaking in an interview with Qfm News, Father Bwalya says he was still a Priest when he traversed the country to campaign for the Patriotic Front in 2011, wondering why he has become mad now that he is in active politics.

Father Bwalya says as far as he is concern he never abandon his priesthood when he campaigned for the ruling PF.

Fr Bwalya says he is particularly disappointed that instead of concentrating on issues, Mr. Kambwili has decided to launch personal attacks on him.

He says Mr Kambwili’s personal attacks are an indication that he has nothing to tell the people.

Fr. Bwalya says such verbal attacks have the potential to ignite electoral violence.
( Tuesday 19th August 2014 )



  1. 4 sure thnk thers smthin wrong wth th minister,he shud hve said thse things wen th fthr was even used in th red rbbon only prblem is tht th prmise 4 th fthr was gven wasn’t fulfilled.

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