— Women activist advises women to respect spouses to reduce GBV cases

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Women activist advises women to respect spouses to reduce GBV cases

Lusaka, August 18, 2014,ZANIS —  A Women activist Grace Sampa has called on women across the country to respect their husbands to reduce gender based violence cases currently  on the increase in the nation.

Ms Sampa said most cases of gender based violence are in most cases being perpetuated by un respectful Women towards their husbands.

She suggested that the general public should team up with the Zambia Police Service Victim Support wing in fighting gender based violence in the country.

ZANIS reports Ms. Sampa said this on the national television ZNBC programme dubbed “ The Reflection of Gender based violence” and monitored in Lusaka today.

And Zambia Police Victim Support Unit representative Inspector Victor Ndemena said police are faced with many challenges in the fight against the vice.

Speaking on the same programme, Inspector Ndemena said many cases of gender based violence are withdrawn by complainants themselves making the work of officers challenging .

He said this has made the work of the Zambia Police Service difficulty when it comes to fighting gender based violence.

Meanwhile, Pastor Lesley Kapaya urged couples to love one another if their marriages are to be maintained.

Pastor Kapaya said love and tolerance between married people is no longer there contributing to increased gender based violence.

He noted that once married people learn to love one another, the cases of gender based violence will drastically reduce.