— Witch finder given instant justice in Kalabo District

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Witch finder given instant justice in Kalabo District

 Kalabo, August 18, 2014, ZANIS —–  Business in Kalabo district on Friday last week came to a standstill as everyone in the main business district rushed to Mapa area to witness a witch doctor who was receiving instant justice by villagers  who suspected  him of  practicing witchcraft.


A witch finder whose real names are not known but popularly known as’ Mr Phone’ and  a resident in Senanga district is believed to have powers to identify people practicing witchcraft and Satanism.


ZANIS reports that according to some eyewitnesses who asked not to be named for fear of reprisal confirmed the incident.


They said this happened when Mr Phone ‘s services were requested by a named family in Mapa area who wanted him to assist them identify the person behind the death of their daughter who died whilst giving birth in the labour ward at the Kalabo district hospital.


Mr Phone who spent over five hours dancing and chanting attracted scores of residents after word went round.


He later told the family that the person behind their daughter’s death was the husband.


It was at this point that Mr phone began to beat up the suspect with the help of some villagers.


The witch finder further led villagers to destroy the suspect’s shop and goods in the process the suspect sustained serious injuries.


Mr Phone avoided an interview with the ZANIS officer only promised to pass through the office a development that proved futile.


Kalabo Police Officer-In- Charge Kim Masambo confirmed having heard the incident but could not act because the complainant did not formally report the matter to police.


And Kalabo district Commissioner Masela Chinyama condemned the incident.


Mrs Chinyama advised the victim to take legal action against the witch finder as there was no evidence to prove his acts in the courts of law.


The district commission explained that Mr Phone had no rights whatsoever to assault people on witchcraft allegations and the aggrieved had all the rights to report him to relevant authorities.


  1. The story headline says witch finder was given instance justice bit in the main story all I read is that some other chap was hammered by an instar justice mob led by the witch finder!!