— Govt. pays out K623, 280 social cash transfer in Lukulu district

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Govt. pays out K623, 280 social cash transfer in Lukulu district

Lukulu, 18th August, 2014, ZANIS — Government has paid a total cost of K623, 280 to 4,452 beneficiaries to social cash transfer scheme in Lukulu District.


Lukulu District Social Welfare Officer Namakau Kashina told ZANIS in an interview today that the payments were for the months of May and June 2014.


Ms. Kashina said the department is happy with how the exercise was done considering that it was being done for the first time.


She however lamented that the department faced minor challenges when disbursing the monies among of them were that fit people were put on the programmed as well as others appeared twice.


She attributed this challenge luck of seriousness from the Community Welfare Assistants Committees CWAC who was responsible on advising the department to who were qualified to be put on the social cash transfer programme.


Ms. Kashina has since called on CWACs in the district to adhere to social cash transfer guidelines in order to avoid such minor setbacks.


The Social Welfare Officer has since disclosed that they will be carrying out monitoring on the beneficiaries to see to it that the money carries value in their lives.


Ms. Kashina added that currently they are preparing for the July/ August 2014 payments of social cash transfer.


The programme was introduced in the district last year in December for the first time.