— Govt. hands over three ambulances to Kalulushi General Hospital

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—Government has urged the private sector in Kalulushi district to consider procuring an electric generator to supplement on power at the new General hospital.

Kalulushi Member of Parliament (MP) Rayford Mbulu says having an electric generator at the hospital would facilitate steady flow of power supply to essential units such as theatre and labour ward t mention but a few.

Mr. Mbulu who is also Deputy Minister Labour, said both the hospital and the district office also need to have utility Vehicles to ease operations.


ZANIS reports that the law maker said this when he handed three Ambulances to Kalulushi  General hospital, today.

He said he was delighted that the hospital was handed over to government by Chibuluma Mines PLC and that it would serve as a second level hospital.

He disclosed that there was need to lobby for more staff to be posted to the general hospital and health centres.

Speaking earlier, Kalulushi General Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. Chelbin Mukuka said with the coming of the new Ambulances at the hospital, the hospital management would serve the people better.

Dr. Mukuka said the people of Kalulushi would receive quality and effective care from the hospital.

And his vote of thanks, Icimpe Ward Councillor Everisto Mwalilino said democracy meant the rule of the people, for the people and by the people.

The MMD Councillor said what the PF government was doing, was in the right truck.