— 300 farmers benefit from solar power in Kavalamanja area

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300 farmers benefit from solar power in Kavalamanja area


Luangwa, August 18th, 2014, ZANIS —-  A total of 300 farmers will benefit from the electrical wire fence that has been put up in Kavalamanja situated in a game reserve management area of Luangwa District.



The solar electrical fence has been put up to deter animals from destroying the farmers’ crops.



District Agricultural Coordinator, Ernest Munthali disclosed this in an interview in Luangwa District, today.



Mr. Munthali said that the electrical fence has been put up by funding sourced by Childfund.



He  said that the electrical wire fence will enhance food production in the area and reduce animal human conflict.



He added that most farmers in the area have suffered crop loses due wild animal damage mainly elephants that destroy crops.



Solar Fence Maintenance Secretary, Fredrick Tembo, said the fence will help to protect animals from destroying the crop and farmers will continue to practice integrated agriculture.



The solar Fence shall cover 360 hectares and 2.7 km have been erected.



Camp Agricultural Committee chairperson, James Mwanza expressed happiness that people will no longer spend nights in their fields to protect the crops from animals.



The crop yield is expected to increase due to the erection of the fence that will prevent animals from entering the fields.