Prophet, wife arrested for ‘selling’ prayers

Man Of God - Pastor, priest
Man Of God - Pastor, priest

POLICE in Solwezi have arrested four people among them a prophet and his wife from Angelic Fire Ministries church in Lusaka who were allegedly charging people money for prayers.

North-Western Province commissioner of police Eugene Sibote said in a telephone interview yesterday from Solwezi that prophet Mbewe and his team that included an apostle were conducting prayers at the showground around 10:00 hours when they were picked up by the police.
“The prophet is from Angelic Fire Ministries church in Lusaka, they were charging people who wanted prayers money between K 50 and K 70. Those that did not have money were removed from the line, these are the people who tipped the police and we moved in quickly to arrest the prophet and his team, the fifth person is on the run, we are looking for him. Anyone who wanted to see the prophet for prayers was charged money, these people came in yesterday [Thursday] from Lusaka,” he said.
Mr Sibote, who could not give the particulars of other suspects, said that the suspects will be charged for obtaining money by false pretences.
He said a lot of people were prayed for by prophet Mbewe and his team.
“A lot of people gathered at the showground for prayers but those that did not have money were removed from the line, we have since asked all those who were prayed for and paid the money to come forward so that they can be refunded. You don’t have to pay anything when you need prayers, this is wrong and we will not allow these activities in Solwezi,” he said.
He said North-Western Province, particularly Solwezi, is not short of genuine men of God.
Mr Sibote urged members of the public to be wary of certain men of God.
“We have not forgotten how some young girls were sexually abused on the Copperbelt by a prophet. Solwezi is a no go area for fake men of God, we have enough genuine pastors in Solwezi, it is sad that some pastors are now charging people money for prayers, this is wrong and it is unacceptable,” Mr Sibote said.


Zambia Daily Mail


  1. Solwezi! Pastors n prophets, freely we received n freely shuld we give. Prayers are not meant to b sold. D oda day it was a sexual abuse by a prophet. Thank God for Solwezi police n inhabitants.They’ve vowed to fight crimes in there.

  2. Aaron the charge is alreday mentioned “obtaining by false pretence”
    gud job by the police in solwezi i recommend their job……….. people now do that, wen they are from a bible school with no jobs they take the work of god into business. Pliz pipo lets be vigilant to curb these kind of actions,never be obssessed of prayers even from a worst sinner than u are….

  3. And what offence are they gonna be charged with? They are innovative entrepreneurs selling a service. .lol. Besides eh bwikalo bwa pa zed ni tulyemo tulyemo everywhere.