Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A LUSAKA man agreed with his wife to pretend she had given in to his friend’s persistent sexual advances so as to trap him.
This was heard in Lusaka boma court where Austin Shuna, aged 26, said he caught his friend Christopher Mweemba, aged 24, naked attempting to rape his 24-year old wife, Fridah Muyumba.
Shuna told the court that his wife told him that Mweemba had been making sexual advances towards her but that he never believed her because he took Mweemba as his brother.
He said after she persisted with her claims, he decided to make a plan with his wife so that they could catch Mweemba red-handed if he was to believe her.
Shuna said he told his wife to accept Mweemba’s love proposal and inform him of every move Mweemba was taking.
“I never wanted to believe that my best friend was after my wife, hence I told my wife to accept him and inform me of every move he was making.
“Just as we agreed with my wife, one afternoon in July, I told Mweemba that I was be going to see my boss later in the day and that I wasn’t coming back home,” he said.
He told the court that Mweemba went to Shuna’s house around 19:00 hours to meet the plaintiff’s wife and told her that they should meet in an unfinished building so thay could have sex.
But when his wife followed Mweemba to the nearby building, Shuna also went after them where he found his friend naked struggling to have sex with his wife before the plaintiff grabbed his clothes as evidence.
In his defence, Mweemba said he went to Shuna’s house because he had asked him to take the phone to his wife who was not picking his calls the time he called her.
“I never wanted to have sex with his wife, I went there because he asked me to take the phone, and his wife asked me to help her remove some things in the shop when I reached there,” he said.
But Magistrate Mable Mwaba ordered Mweemba to compensate Shuna with K5,000, saying it was clear that he wanted to sleep with his friend’s wife.


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  1. This palooka is sick in the head. He is a very dangerous back stabber not worth calling a friend.

  2. Appeal, appeal, appeal… there is no crime here. its wrong, but there aint no crime.

  3. Typical sick mind. How can a sane person do such a thing? Can a real friend betray his pal in this manner? The moment someone indulges in this sort of abominable sin, he immediately ceases to be a friend of somebody who they are stabbing in the back.

  4. Don’t u think dat wot is good for d goose is nt always good for the gander. Hence beware!