Kitwe woman swindles 29 job seekers

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A 37-YEAR-OLD woman of Kitwe has been sued after she allegedly swindled youths desperate for employment out of their money on the pretext that she would find them jobs at Zambia Railways Limited.

Edda Gondwe, an unemployed woman of house number 27, Lewanika Street in Kitwe, is facing 29 counts of obtaining money by false pretences. Gondwe, on dates unknown but between the months of June and July this year, in Kitwe, allegedly obtained money from 29 youths by purporting that she would find them jobs at Zambia Railways Limited.
Gondwe was allegedly asking for K250 from each of the youths she approached and told them that the money was for making work identification cards, buying work suits and safety boots.
She has denied all the 29 charges levelled against her.
But when the matter came up for continuation of trial before Kitwe Senior Resident Magistrate Daniel Musonda on Friday, Naomi Chongwe, a victim of Gondwe’s scam, told the court that sometime in June this year, her sister called her and told her to rush to town as there were people offering employment.
Ms Changwe, 22, of house number 1692, Kwacha narrated that her sister, however, informed her that the people offering employment were charging K300.
She testified that she quickly went into town where she met a woman only identified as bana White (Mother to White) and that the said woman took her and other youths to Zambia Railways station in Kitwe where each of them paid K250.
Ms Changwe narrated that later, the woman took them to Zamtan Compound where they were supposed to be oriented with Zambia Railways operations and safety rules.
She identified Gondwe as the person that was given the money paid by the youths that day.
Another victim Sondashi Nyimbiri narrated that on June 5 this year, Gondwe found him at his home and informed him that she wanted people interested in working for Zambia Railways.
Mr Nyimbiri narrated that Gondwe further told him he needed to pay K250 and after paying, was assured he would start work the following Monday.
He testified that Gondwe gave him some document to sign and later took him to Chambishi where she said he needed to be oriented.
Mr Nyimbiri narrated that after returning from Chambishi, Gondwe was nowhere to be seen and that to date, he has not started work at Zambia Railways.
He said Gondwe has also not given him back the K250 he paid her.
Magistrate Musonda adjourned the matter to August 25 for mention and to Septem-ber 1 and 2 for continued trial.



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