Increased pregnancies worries church in Kaputa District

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Increased pregnancies worries church in Kaputa District

Kaputa August 17, 2014, ZANIS — Concerned clergymen in Kaputa District have raised concerns at the high numbers of teen pregnancies and early marriages in the district.

St. Annie’s Catholic Church Priest In-Charge Father Leonard Kalyoti says the development has unsettled Pastors who are scared over the future of the youths.

Fr. Kalyoti said there is too much illicit sex, alcohol, and drug abuse and patronizing of bars among the youths in the districts.

He attributed this to lack of social amenities in the district where youths can spend their free time.

ZANIS reports that the clergyman,  who is Chairperson of the faith Based Organization (FBO) in Kaputa,  said during the Kaputa District Coordinating Committee (DDCC) meeting yesterday.

He disclosed that Pastors has since developed a number of programms in their churches aimed at grooming youths in the fear of God and to become responsible citizens.

He adds that in their programmes, churches are encouraging youths to focus on school and abstain from all casual sexual activities.

Fr. Kalyoti also urged bar owners to take a responsibility and stop youths from entering their premises adding that police and local council should also be conducting inspections of bar.

Meanwhile, Fr. Kalyoti said the church has also broken the silence on HIV/AIDS and is speaking about it in churches.

He however notes that superstitions and witchcraft is hampering the fight of the pandemic in the district.

He states that people fail to go for Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) and instead think that they are witched.

Fr. Kalyoti said this is causing death among the people think that they are bewitched when they could be suffering from the HIV/AIDS.

Meanwhile, Kaputa District Council and Police have pledged to fight the issue of youths patronizing bars saying they will be inspecting bars to see that they do not allow underage to patronize bars.

The police also advised the district council not to give liquor-trading licenses to such bars adding this will help solve the problem.

And the council has also called for concerted efforts in the fight against underage patronizing of bars and other illegal vices in the district.