Flight MH370: Bank worker arrested over ‘inside job’ to drain £20,000 from passenger accounts


Sources say £20,000 held by the Malaysia Airlines passengers was moved into an account with the name Ali Faran on July 14 then withdrawn at a local branch

A bank employee has been arrested by police investigating an “inside job” to drain £20,000 from the accounts of four passengers on missing flight MH370 .


The 33-year-old HSBC employee and her husband were held after a manager noticed suspicious activity at a Kuala Lumpur branch.


Sources say £20,000 held by the Malaysia Airlines passengers was moved into an account with the name Ali Faran on July 14 then withdrawn at a local branch.


The bank carried out an internal inquiry before going to police on August 2.


A source said: “Faran is believed to be a foreigner because a passport was used to open an account.


“More individuals are believed to be involved and we are trying to identify them.”


It is believed the bank worker approved the victim’s ATM card renewal application and gave Mr Faran a new card to make withdrawals.


The source added it was “possible” that other MH370 passengers had been affected.


HSBC is thought to have checked the accounts of all its customers on the flight which vanished on March 8.


City police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Tajuddin Md Isa said both the police and the bank involved were conducting investigations on the matter.


He said: “We have identified the suspects involved and are gathering more evidence before we take further action.”

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  1. Rogue banker! Nature has caught up on you.” A day for d thief,another day for d owner”. So says a proverb.