— Archbishop Mpundu condemns women abuse

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Archbishop Mpundu condemns women abuse

Lusaka, August 16, 2014, ZANIS —- Archbishop Telesphor Mpundu of Lusaka has called on the church and the community to strongly condemn men in the habit of abusing women.

Archbishop Mpundu said it is a shame that churches and the community have not done much to condemn those who abuse women.

ZANIS reports that the clergyman was speaking during an annual pilgrimage of  Catholics in Lusaka today.

Archbishop Mpundu said churches should come together as they are a channel of goodness to the world.


He said men who abuse women should not only be prayed for but punished as well prevent them from committing the act.


Archbishop Mpundu said such men must be removed from the community to undergo transformation.


"Look at how that pregnant woman was stabbed to death that husband killed two souls and we don’t need such men in the society ," he said.


Archbishop Mpundu added that marriage councilors should change their ways of teaching young women who intend to go into marriage.


He said marriage councilors encourage young women to submit and to keep issues surrounding their homes in secrecy.


"That is wrong women need to share and report issues affecting them to the relevant authorities" Archbishop Mpundu said.


He says there is need to fight abuse and the world will be a better place to live.


He however urged the men folk to form groups aimed at protecting women against any act of violence.


"If men come together to match against women abuse I will be one of the matchers, " he said.


Archbishop Mpundu revealed that Lusaka archdiocese is finalizing a child protection policy which will protect children as that grow to adulthood.