Anti- voter apathy condemns Mangango violence

Ballot Box
Ballot Box

The Anti- voter apathy project (AVAP) has added its voice in condemning political violence in Kaoma’s Mangango Constituency in Western Province.

AVAP coordinator for Northern and Muchinga Provinces Christopher Chikwanda noted that reports of violence ahead of next Tuesday’s Mangango parliamentary by-election are worrisome.

Mr Chikwanda said the violent behavior by some cadres may have a negative impact on the election.

He has since challenged the Zambia Police Service to ensure that perpetrators of violence face the full wrath of the law.


Radio Mano


  1. And we will be later told the elections were free and fair,we miss the foocus as Zambians becoz we are made to think elections is just the actual voting. Elections is the sum total that begins from regiistration of voters ,filling of nominations campaigns to the counting n announcing if at any of these stages ther is any form of violence then the outcome is influencd . We need to change our attitudes and approaches as a nation becoz from elections do we determine whethr positiv or negativ dvelopment will take place