EBOLA ALERT : Avoid handshakes – Dr. MANDA

Fist bumps vs handshake
Fist bumps vs handshake

A medical expert has advised the church to halt handshakes as a sign of expressing peace during church services, in the wake of an outbreak of the deadly EBOLA Virus in West Africa.

Dr Francis Manda says the church leadership devises other methods for congregants to express the sign of peace other than handshakes which could easily fuel the transmission of the EBOLA virus.

Dr Manda says Church leaders should issue a pastoral letter to guide their flock on the dangers of handshakes in the advent of the EBOLA virus which has claimed over a thousand lives in West Africa.

He said this when he featured on a ZNBC radio program, Manzi therapy.

And featuring on ZNBC TV show Kwacha Good Monring Zambia, Dr Costa Malama from the Ministry of Health said there is need to avoid contact with people showing Malaria symptoms.

Dr Malama says physical contact is an ease transmission method for the Ebola virus which is passed on through fluid.

Government has since rolled out a nationwide Ebola Preparedness Campaign to prevent the spread of the Ebola Virus Disease to Zambia.



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