25 CBU students arrested for riotous behavior

copperbelt university
copperbelt university

25 students at the Copperbelt University in Kitwe have been apprehended by Police for riotous behavior.

This is after the students took to the streets protesting their delayed meal and book allowances.

Students are riled with the government for delaying their allowances.

The students are allegedly were upset that there are nearing end of the semester without their allowances.

They took to Jambwa Drive Road pelting motorists and blocking the road.

The students fear that the government would let them go on a long term vacation without disbursing their due allowances.

The slogan chanting students have lit a huge fire in the middle of the road disturbing the flow of traffic on the Jambwa Drive Road.

Riot police moved in to quell the rising tension at the institution by throwing tear gas canisters forcing students to lock themselves in their respective rooms.

Kitwe District Police Commanding Officer Lizzie Machina who was found at CBU has condemned the behavior of the students saying rioting is Not the best way of airing their grievances.

Ms Machina says the students should have dialogue with management before resorting to a protest.

She says police will keep vigil until the situation the second highest learning institution is return to calm.



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