UNZA appeals to new students to patiently wait for acceptance letters

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–The University of Zambia (UNZA) Main Campus has assured all students that have been accepted at the institution that all letters have been sent to their exact postal address and on time.


UNZA Acting Public Relations Manager, Stamflus Chewe, appealed to the in-coming students not to panic but exercise patience as their letters have been processed.


Mr Chewe dispelled assertions that the letters were taking too long to reach their preferred destinations including far flung towns like Kaputa district.


Speaking in an interview with ZANIS today, Mr Chewe said all letters were sent and the institution is now conducting medical examinations for the newly accepted students.


Mr Chewe disclosed that medical examinations started this week on August 11, and the process is progressing well, an indication that some students have already received their admission letters.


He said those who have not received their letters should check at their respective postal offices.


Mr Chewe has since advised the new student applicants at UNZA to give correct postal addresses to the management when applying.


He observed that those complaining are mostly coming from the capital, Lusaka who used addresses from far places so that their chances of being accommodated may be heightened.


"Letters do take some time to reach their destination but if people do not receive their letters by the end of this month, they should come and get a reprint from the Main Campus," he said.


There have been some serious concerns from some accepted students at the Main campus that the letters are taking too long to reach them. 


This has left many of them in suspense as they anxiously wait to see their letters of admission at the country’s highest leaning institution.


The University of Zambia is set to re-open on   September 14, 2014, with the first year students reporting first on that date for registration and subsequent orientation.