Government to upgrade Nabwalya rural health centre into a mini hospital


Health Deputy Minister CHITALU CHILUYA says government will also construct a maternity annex, a mini operating theatre and deploy a medical licentiate to conduct mini operations at the health centre.

Dr. CHILUFYA says the upgrading of Nabwalya rural health post will help reduce on referals of patients to Mpika District.

He says currently Nabwalya clinic can not service over 12-thousand population of people leaving within Chief Nabwalya’s area.

Dr. CHILUFYA also disclosed that government wants to strengthen its referral systems across the country through provision of ambulances in all rural health centres.

He said this when he handed over a life supporting Ambulance to Chief Nabwalya and the community at his palace, in Muchinga province of Mpika District.

And receiving the Ambulance, Chief Nabwalya thanked government for bringing health services closure to its people.

Chief NABWALYA said the delivery of an ambulance and proposed expansion of Nabwalya clinic demonstrates government’s commitment to fulfilling its campaign promises of improving health service delivery.

And MFUWE PF Member of Parliament MWIMBA MALAMA said government is building infrastructure to support econimc growth across the country.

Mr MALAMA who is also Works and Supply Deputy Minister
cited the construction of roads among government’s priorities aimed at boosting the local economy.