— First Lady calls for interventions in the teenage pregnancies

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First Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba has called for the intervention of various stakeholders in the fight against teen pregnancies in the country which she described as a crisis.


Dr. Kaseba has also appealed to religious organizations to take a leading role in shaping society for the vice to be tackled.


The First Lady said there have been fragmented efforts in curbing the vice but it needs a team work approach as it has reached alarming levels.


Dr. Kaseba said the increase in teen pregnancies in remote areas due to lack of information and adequate boarding facilities that support the girl child.


ZANIS reports that the First Lady said this in an  exclusive interview shortly after she closed the workshop on girl’s mentorship training in Chinsali District, today.


She said this forces girls to rent houses in the community where there is no guidance and monitoring from their guardians.

Dr. Kaseba has further called on parents to show the children the importance of attaining higher education than being a mother at a tender age.


She said early pregnancies does not only ruin the future of many girls, but they are also likely to experience pregnancy related complications such as fistula.


Dr. Kaseba said her office remains committed to seeing that teen pregnancies are curbed through quarterly mentorship programs across the country.


Earlier the First Lady presented certificated to the participants of the mentorship programme with a call to hard work and discipline.


Dr. Kaseba said interventions to reduce teen pregnancies have been addressed during the training, saying it’s is up to the girls to change their mindsets.


She has further challenged the girls to prove their work of securing a place at Robert Makasa University whose construction has reached an advanced stage.