A single doctor is enough to manage Sata’s health – Medical Association

President Michael Sata upon arrival in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo for COMESA Summit
President Michael Sata upon arrival in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo for COMESA Summit
The Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) says a single doctor is enough to manage the health of the Republic President as long as that particular individual has easy access to health experts.

Commenting on the proposal by the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) for the current set up were the republican President chooses his own personal physician to be replaced by a system were a panel of experienced Doctors, answerable to both Cabinet and Parliament handles the Head of State’s health needs, ZAM president Aaron Mujajati says his association cannot endorse YALI’s proposal before carefully studying what it entails.

In a telephone interview, Dr. Mujajati has told Qfm news that the issue of whether the country should consider changing the law with regards the President’s personal Doctor should be considered a little more cautiously.

Dr. Mujajati says this is because the presidency is a matter of national security and that if such a suggestion is to be considered it should involve the country’s security wings.

The ZMA president says the country should rash in changing the law simply to address an immediate problem.

Dr. Mujajati says whether the country chooses to have a team of health experts or an individual to look after the President’s health, what is important is management of information coming from State House.

( Friday 15th August 2014 )



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