2016 campaign will be easy – Scott

Vice President Guy Scott
Vice President Guy Scott

CAMPAIGN for 2016 will be a silent one for the Patriotic Front since results on the ground will speak for themselves, Vice-President Guy Scott has said.

Commissioning the 109km Itezhi-tezhi road which joins the Mongu-Mumbwa road, Dr Scott urged Zambians to make up their minds based on what the PF government is doing.
“We shall fulfil our promises and all projects will be done on time. 2016 will be a silent campaign for us, we won’t be talking but we will be showing people what we have done,” he said.
Dr Scott directed that 10km of township roads in Itezhi-tezhi be included to the entire road contract awarded to Build Trust Construction.
“The road project being undertaken countrywide is the beginning of Zambia’s transformation. These road projects we are doing have nothing to do with tribe since it won’t show that it was done by Bemba, Lozi or ‘Muzungu’. People will no longer laugh at you that you came from Itezhi-tezhi once these projects are completed,” he said.
Central Province Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale said a good road network will enhance economic development in the area.
“It normally takes us over three hours to drive through this road but this will be reduced and investors will be attracted to the district,” she said.
And Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Yamfwa Mukanga said Government is committed to working on the entire road network in the country.
“We have only 9,000km of tarred roads against 67,000km in the country, hence we have more work to do. We are confident that we will deliver so that Zambians can enjoy the comfort of a good road network,” he said.
The 109km road was initially tarred in 1967 but it deteriorated due to lack of maintenance.
Government through the Road Development Agency (RDA) has since allocated K285.8 million to rehabilitation works that will take two years to be completed.


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