Mwata Kazembe praises Sata

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Mwata Kazembe praises Sata

Mwansabombwe,  August 13, 2014, ZANIS–Chief Mwata Kazembe of the Lunda people in Luapula province has commended President  Michael Sata for giving a go ahead to establish a marine barracks in Kawambwa district.

The Mwata made the commendation at his palace in Mwansabombwe recently when some Commandos from the marine barracks called on him.

He said it was encouraging to learn that as Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces President Sata had considered establishing a marine barracks in Kawambwa district .

The traditional leader is also elated that so far a 48 marine unit had been deployed to the area.

The Mwata said he was happy that President  Sata has taken a positive consideration to deploy the marines and hence needs to be commended  because the decision will greatly improve security and order not only in Kawambwa but Mwansabombwe as well.

But Chief Mwata Kazembe has urged the government to harmonize the situation for the Marine Special Forces in order for them to work effectively.

The chief noted that the government should urgently build houses at the marine barracks and provide communication as this will motivate the soldiers.

The Mwata  has urged the Kawambwa and Mwansabombwe district commissioners, Ivo Mpasa and Victor Kasuba respectively to involve him so that something is done to facilitate for the construction of soldiers’ houses at the Marine barracks.

And Kawambwa district commissioner, Ivo Mpasa has thanked the Mwata for welcoming the soldiers to provide security in his chiefdom.

And Mwansabombwe district Commissioner Victor Kasuba has said the establishment of a Marine barracks in Kawambwa will help curb crime in the Luapula valley.