Women funds disbursement cheers MP

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Kabushi Member of Parliament Dorothy Kazunga has expressed happiness with increased transparency in the disbursement of Women Empowerment funds in her constituency.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Ndola today, Ms. Kazunga who is also Community Development, Mother and Child Health deputy minister stated that the current levels of transparency in the disbursement of women empowerment funds are satisfactory than was the case in the past.

She explained that in the past there was a lot of fraud in the process of acquiring the funds hence the money did not reach the intended beneficiaries.

The deputy minister added that the increase of the minimum amount from K2000 to K10,000 per group has enabled the women to venture into entrepreneurial activities.

She also called on women to take advantage of the increased accessibility to the funds and venture into income generating activities.

Ms. Kazunga who is currently on a tour of her constituency however expressed concern about the state of some roads in Kabushi.

She noted that while people in her constituency were happy that some roads have been worked on, they are still anxious to ensure that more roads are included under the pave Zambia 2000 kilometers road project which will soon take off.

Ms. Kazunga is expected to inspect developmental projects including on-going road works ,tour   orphanages and women groups in her constituency.


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