Kasama resident urged to engage fire department when putting up infrastructure

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–Kasama Municipal Council has urged members of the public to always engage the fire department whenever they are putting up infrastructure to reduce fire incidents in the district.

Chief fire officer, James Daka, said people risk their lives if they do not get the fire department’s counsel before erecting houses, offices and business premises. 

He said it is the duty of the fire brigade to check fire risk control measures and to undertake periodic fire assessments to ensure that every designated area is provided with fire safety training and information.

Mr Daka added that the fire department is also obliged to scrutinise all the building plans before their implementation.

He disclosed that his department is disappointed that even after sensitising the public about the risks of fire, some business houses and filling stations are still operating without fire certificates.

He said the fire department desires to equip business houses with the necessary tools to use for first aid in cases of fire outbreaks.

Mr Daka warned members of the public that fire was a dangerous occurrence which can lead to loss of life and destruction of property.