Govt will not condone political violence – Katema

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Joseph Katema
Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Joseph Katema

Government says it will not condone acts of violence in Luampa
where suspected political cadres are reportedly committing acts of criminality to the extent of invading Chiefs and Traditional Affairs deputy minister Josephine Limata’s residence.

Chief government spokesperson Joseph Katema says government will not sit and watch the continued violence in Luampa and other areas where by-elections are being conducted.



Dr. Katema, who is also Information and Broadcasting minister, warned that perpetrators of violence regardless of their political affiliations will face the wrath of law.



He has since urged police to take up its full responsibility in Luampa and other trouble areas in order to protect people’s lives and property.

“As a country, Zambia is known for its peace and tranquility which we have enjoyed for the past 50 years. It is the desire of every well meaning Zambian that this status quo continues,” he said.


ZANIS reports that the government spokesperson said this in a statement released in Lusaka, this evening.


Dr. Katema added that government was concerned that the culture of violence is being condoned by certain senior opposition politicians who are not condemning the criminal acts.


He stated that it is sad that politicians still want to practice medieval politics of violence instead of selling their candidates and
parties to the electorates.

Dr. Katema added that the collective fight as Zambians must be against poverty, disease and general underdevelopment and not wield weapons against each other hence anyone denting the country’s impeccable credentials of peace, unity and love should be rejected.


“It is important for everyone to realize that we only have one country and we should have a responsibility to maintain peace and order, this Government will not condone any lawlessness regardless of who is
involved,” said Dr. Katema.



Apart from attacking the deputy minister’s residence, some political cadres who were recently reported to have also attacked Luampa District Commissioner Alfred Miyato, and beat up Chief Mwanatete and his wife and also damaged his property.