— ECZ urges ZP to curb violence in Mangango

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—The Electoral Commission of Zambia(ECZ)
has urged the Zambia Police Service to take stern action against perpetrators of violence in Mangangu by-elections campaign.


ECZ Public Relations Manager Crispin Akufuna says the police service should implement the law on anyone caught abrogating the electoral code of conduct without fear or favour .

Mr. Akufuna told ZANIS in a statement today that his Commission is concerned with the media reports of increasing levels of intolerance and violence among political players in the Mangango by-elections.

He said all political parties have a duty to ensure that their candidates, cadres and supporters abide by the electoral regulations and the code of conduct.

He said it was the responsibility of all political parties participating in elections to restrain their members from provoking their opponents and inciting violence.

Mr. Akufuna said that leaders of all political parties should be reminded that they have a greater responsibility to lead by example by promoting tolerance and peace and setting a level playing field for free and fair elections.

He has since appealed to all political party carders, the electorate and the general public to embrace peace and not to be used as instruments of violence.


Levels of violence continue being reported in Mangango Constituency in Western province contested by political heavy weight such as the ruling PF and the opposition UPND among others.

And Mr. Akufuna  in the same statement says nominations in Chilochabalenje Ward in Katuba Constituency will be held tomorrow and that voting is scheduled to take place on September 11,2014.