EBOLA ALERT – (Edited)

ebola outbreak
ebola outbreak

Airports is Zambia have started screening arriving passengers for Ebola. The process is part of screening for Ebola at entry points into Zambia. The new screening began last week as Government looked to prevent the spread of Ebola into Zambia from other nations.

Meanwhile, some delegates coming from Ebola-affected countries, who arrived in Livingstone last week for this week’s 32nd annual Association for Education Assessment in Africa (AEAA) conference being hosted by the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ), were on Friday
turned away at a named hotel in the tourist capital.

Also the first five delegates from Sierra Leon in West Africa were turned away at Fairmount Hotel in Livingstone on Friday despite being screened at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport upon their arrival.

There have been large outbreaks in other African nations in the past months with hundreds of people dying from the disease. The disease is spread through body fluids, such as blood, and can also infect someone if they touch the body of someone who has died of Ebola.

So far there have been no confirmed deaths from Ebola inside Zambia during this major outbreak.


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