Miles Sampa
Miles Sampa

MATERO Member of Parliament Miles Sampa is spending the last half of his K500, 000 gratuity on another bunch of taxis to be distributed to youths in the other 10 provinces.
Mr Sampa has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Big Brother Suppliers to procure 10 more vehicles to be given to young people as part of the youth empowerment in all the provinces.
The MoU is the latest arrangement for Mr Sampa after he recently spent K250, 000 to purchase 10 taxis for youths in his constituency as part of empowerment.
Under the MoU with Big Brother Suppliers which was signed during the week, the private firm will procure the 10 cars which would be paid from Mr Sampa’s mid-term gratuity next month.
Mr Sampa, who is also Commerce, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister, said the venture was aimed at uplifting the youths out of poverty in all the 10 provinces of Zambia.
He said he had fulfilled the promise he made during the handover of the 10 taxis in his constituency last week that he would buy more vehicles once he got his K500, 000 gratuity from Parliament.
“Now I have given away all my K500, 000 gratuity – K250, 000 will repay the loan at Indo Zambia bank and the other K250, 000 would go towards settling Big Brother Suppliers Investment for the supply of 10 more vehicles.
“I am in Parliament not to make money but to serve the people who had put me in power, I believe that if these cars are well taken care of they have the capacity to reduce poverty among the youths,” he said.
Like the first scheme, the new arrangement will see the operators of the taxi paying K500 per week to his company Metro Cab Investment for two years before getting the car as their own.
Mr Sampa said the money will go towards the purchase for more taxis to empower other young people in different parts of Zambia.
Two weeks ago Mr Sampa got a K250,000 loan from Indo Bank and bought 10 motor vehicles which he gave out to ten youths in his constituencies.
The motor vehicles were given to the drivers after a ruffle with the winners asked to pay a weekly K500 to Metro Cabs investment every week for two years before the cars became theirs.

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  1. Miles Sampa is one young practical politician and Member of Parliament who has impressed me with his good initiatives for youth empowerment. He should be emulated by others in parliament. Keep it up Miles!!

  2. The last two days i was in Matero I witnessed the joy the youths have over these vehicles. I saw them and we booked one of them. Its real empowerment.

  3. Atleast miles has made good business. I like the good profits he ll make out of that . Its more money in his pockets .