Sampa urges Zambians to aspire for economic independence

Miles Sampa
Miles Sampa

COMMERCE, trade and industry deputy minister Miles Sampa says Zambia should in the next 50 years work towards achieving economic independence for the betterment of its people.

And Sampa has urged youths in the country to stand up and help the government take the country to the desired economic independence where wealth will be created and poverty drastically reduced.
Sampa said this during the annual business conference for the ACCA, the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants and CIMA at the Zambezi Sun which was held under the theme ‘50 years of accounting for sustainable economic development’.

Sampa said the next 50 years gave the country an opportunity to reflect and work towards economic independence, adding that youths were instrumental if the country was to attain this feat.

“Since independence, our people have always aspired to improve the lives of our people and realise our dream to be a prosperous and successful nation. Since independence, successive governments have all endeavoured to fulfil the aspirations of our people and so far all in vain,” he said.

“But now jubilee this year gives us a chance to stop and think and reflect as a nation where we want to go in the next 50 years. I think the next 50 years is not about political independence but economic independence.”

Sampa said time had come for youths to come forward and contribute positively to the country’s economic development.

He challenged youths to stand and come up with entrepreneural activities.

“And what a better way to start this year than this forum where accountants are being asked to stop just thinking about figures and start thinking about being entrepreneurs! …only when you are entrepreneurs can you acquire wealth for yourself, your company and in the process employ people,” Sampa said.

He said people should look at being entrepreneurs because this would help create economic independence for the country.

Earlier, ZICA president Wesley Beene said there was need for the accountancy profession to leave a legacy of a strong local professional body, which would take centre-stage in the management of the economy.

Beene said despite lack of employment which had also affected accountants, he was happy with the improvement in the country’s economy because more accountants would be absorbed into the economy.

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