‘Arsonist’ burns children to death

murder death

TWO children aged 3 and 5 years have been burnt to ashes after a house in which they were sleeping was set on fire by unknown people in Nchelenge.

Luapula Province police commissioner Malcolm Mulenga, in an interview from Mansa, said the incident happened on Thursday about 20:30 hours.
Mr Mulenga named the victims as Mary Muyembe, 3, and Benson Mutuna, 5, of Chilongoshi village in Chief Kambwali’s area in Nchelenge district.
He said the incident happened as the children’s mother was away helping her husband carry bags of cassava they had harvested from their field.
“It appears the assailant is someone who knew that both parents of the deceased were not at home at that particular time. The kids died in the inferno, and property worth thousands of Kwacha was also destroyed,” Mr Mulenga said.
He said the suspects bolted soon after setting the house ablaze and police have launched investigations into the matter.
Police have opened a docket with a charge of arson but there are no arrests yet.

Zambia Daily Mail