Pension reforms to include informal sector

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Pension reforms to include informal sector

Choma, August 08, 2014, ZANIS… Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda says government is in the process of introducing all the workers in the informal sector to the national pension fund.

And PF Batoka ward campaign manager Syacheye Madyenkuku  said the ruling party will ‘snatch’ the Batoka local governmet seat in the August 19 by-election.

On the Pension reforms, Mr Shamenda said the PF government was working out a plan to ensure that all the people in the informal sector benefit from the national pension fund.

Mr Shamenda was speaking yesterday at a rally to drum up support for the PF candidate Maxson Simwami in the Batoka local government by-election.

He explained that government would like to empower all Zambians so that they can lead a decent and honorable life after working either in the formal or informal sector.

Mr Shamenda boasted that the PF government would be the first government to introduce people working in the informal sector to the national pensions fund a  move also seen as a measure aimed at bridging the gap between the rich and poor.

“We have a plan to introduce everyone in the informal sector to the national pension fund including marketers, street vendors -in short all those who are not pensionable will be introduced to the national pension fund by June 2015,” said Mr. Shamenda.

Mr. Shamenda also implored the electorates in Batoka ward to vote for the PF candidate whom he believed will work closely with the government to foster development in the area.

“The PF got 10 per cent of votes in some areas in 2011 but it (PF government) has not neglected any part of the country to bring the much needed development and so it would be prudent that you vote for the PF candidate who will find it easy to work with government of the day to foster development here,” said Mr Shamenda.

And Mr Madyakuku said the Batoka seat was  winnable given the huge support the PF has garnered in the area and the entire southern province owing to many developmental projects being implemented.

He said the vote for PF was a vote for development and urged the electorates in the ward to vote peacefully and in large numbers.

The Batoka  local government seat fell vacant following the defection of Mr. Simwami to the PF and is being contested by United Party for National Development’s(UPND) Judge Hambayi  and Movement for Multi-party Democracy’s(MMD) Victor Mwiinga .