A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD girl in Kabwe has been defiled and stabbed to death five times in the neck by the assailant who is on the run.
The girl, a Grade Two pupil at Nim-Tree, was brutally murdered around 17:00 hours on Tuesday.
Her body was found in a pool of blood in her bedroom by the maid at her mother’s house in Bwacha Township.
Her mother, Bweupe Milambo and Central Province Police chief Standwell Lungu confirmed the bizarre incident in separate interviews yesterday.
Ms Milambo, who could not hold her tears during the interview at the funeral house, said that she last saw her daughter around 16:45 hours on Tuesday after she assisted her boarding a bus from school.
She said her daughter was supposed to be picked at the bus station by the maid but the latter did not manage because she went to church.
The girl had to walk alone and it is suspected that she was attacked on her way home.
Ms Milambo said when the maid returned home, she found the girl lying in a pool of blood in the bedroom.
‘‘All I want is justice to prevail on the death on my child. What wrong did she commit for her to be killed in such a manner?’’ she asked.
Ms Milambo said when she got home, she also found the girl lying in a pool of blood and had no underwear.
Mr Lungu said the girl was stabbed in the neck five times, while her private parts were swollen.
Central Province Permanent Secretary Edwidge Mutale expressed shock at the brutal murder of the girl and appealed to Police to ensure perpetrators of such crimes were brought to book.
Meanwhile, Police in Lusaka have arrested a man of Kabangwe area who has been on the run for five days after allegedly murdering his pregnant wife, Tamara Tembo, by stabbing her with a kitchen knife.
Christopher Tembo, 33, was apprehended on Wednesday around 19:00 hours at Mapili Village behind Shifwankula Secondary School.
Tembo was cornered after he joined a Christian group in an attempt to scrounge for some food from them after going for days without eating.
Tembo, who seemed to have been starving joined a group of Christians who had gone to the mountains to conduct prayers.
Zambia Police spokesperson Charity Munganga said it was at the mountain that he was identified by one of the prayer group members who later alerted the Police.
Tembo allegedly stabbed Tamara, 39, after a domestic dispute on Saturday morning and fled the couple’s matrimonial home at Mwachifwankula Village in Kabangwe.
The incident occurred between 03:00 hours and 04:00 hours following a domestic dispute, and alert neighbours reporting the matter to the Police after hearing noises.
Ms Munganga said Police officers picked up Tamara’s body which had a knife still stuck in her back and advised couples to desist from using weapons such as kitchen knives to settle marital disputes, saying dialogue was the best way to resolve disputes.
After the incident, the deceased’s relatives said in an interview that it was not the first time Tembo was attacking his wife, saying the two families have held several meetings trying to resolve the couple’s disputes.
Since Tamara’s death, the two families have been on each other’s cases with the deceased’s mother Felisia Phiri refusing to bury her daughter until Tembo’s relatives could settle a debt of four herds of cattle owed as part of dowry.
The impasse led to the delay in the burial of Tamara. She was eventually buried yesterday after Tembo’s family agreed to settle the debt.
During post-mortem at the University Teaching Hospital yesterday, Tamara’s relatives had another greasily discovery when two kitchen knives were found still stuck in her body.

Times of Zambia


  1. What atrocity! The case of the girl to me. Why the maid did not leave it back at the end of the course. This is negligence on his part. We must find the author of this heinous crime. In the second case, parents should take care to bury their daughter as asking dowry. Very interesting information.

  2. he cant run forever this world z to smal in the eyes of the lord an inocent girl just imagin people if she was ur sis or douther u kno tears of mothers they dont drop for nothing the pain which she z going throuth the man who kild her wil not last long

  3. may he be punished severely.death sentence probably the most adquate.whole in the name of mythical appeasement,abashi all manner of GBV.