FRP eyes victory in Mangango

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FRP eyes victory in Mangango


Kaoma, Aug 8/14, ZANIS, The Fourth Revolution Party candidate in the Mangango Parliamentary by-election, Mukumbuta Kabuyana, says he is within arm’s length of becoming the next lawmaker for the constituency.


Mr Kabuyana says the electorates in Mangango are geared to vote for him despite the barrage of accusations he initially faced from his party President, Erick Chanda, who had attempted to withdraw his candidature with the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) after the aspirant had filed his nomination papers.


He said the insinuations that he had withdrawn from the race were neither here nor there as he is on the ground campaigning though he has not been in touch with his party president because of network challenges.


Mr Kabuyana explained that his differences with Mr Chanda arose out of the failure by the party to provide logistics needed for the campaign.


He said although the Fourth Revolution Party has internal problems, they are not peculiar to the party as all political parties have their own flaws and virtues.


Mr Kabuyana said Mangango is a vast constituency which poses serious logistical challenges to venture in and has thus not attracted high calibre candidates other than him.


He said he was attracted to join the Fourth Revolution Party not by an individual but because of its manifesto and constitution and urged political leaders not to force their followers to embrace their ideals even when they are wrong.


Mr Kabuyana said his party’s constitution promotes democratic ideals which entail that governance should be institutionalised and not belong to an individual, the president inclusive.