Primary school curriculum goes on line

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The Zambian Primary education curriculum has gone online in a bid to improve interactive enquiry based learning among pupils beyond the classroom environment through the use of ZEduPads.

ZEduPad is a first ever in the world specially built low cost multimedia educational tablet computer preloaded with the entire Zambian primary school curriculum covering over 5,000 multimedia lessons.

The product which comes in home, school and teacher versions uses technology never used before to cut across infrastructure challenges to improve learning.

iSchool Zambia Limited, the developers of the ZEduPads say the eLearning solution will revolutionise education in Zambia.

Managing Director Mark Bennet said the iSchool learning materials on the ZEduPad tablets are fully localised and compliant with the ministry of education approved primary school curriculum.

“We can see the enthusiasm with which children and their parents are continuing to embrace the ZEduPad, and trust that this response will continue to move forward in wider educational circles in the country, where it has already been adopted by a number of schools in a variety of different areas and situations, as well as by BETUZ,” he said.

The tablet which costs K1,200 was piloted at selected schools in Lusaka, Katete, Lukulu and Mongu as a supplementary and alternate learning.

It provides teachers with detailed daily lesson plans that are easy to incorporate in individual teaching styles to offer lifelong learning.

Over 30,000 ZEduPads are currently in circulation country-wide since the product was launched in 2013 and can be used by the general public to access information particularly on health.

And Branding Agent Nambowe Chishimba disclosed that the educational tablet computer has received increased interest from other African countries.

She said the tablet computer will soon be rolled out to the rest of the continent and will be tailor- made to meet respective educational needs and situations of the various African countries that want to adopt it. 


  1. Everyone is mentioning what this tablet can do for schools but I have not seen anyone talking about how severely limited the tablet is. I have wrote about it in great detail but this comments don’t allow links so please search on google for “what you need to know about the zedupad” to find it. This is something everyone should know before buying one of these devices.

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