Clinic construction stalls due to thefts

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Clinic construction stalls due to thefts

Kapiri Mposhi,  August 7, 2014, ZANIS – Unknown people have stolen building materials meant for the construction of a health clinic and staff house at Lukanda resettlement scheme in Kapiri Mposhi district.

The development has caused the construction works by the Buildings department to stall.

ZANIS in Kapiri Mposhi reports that the development has forced settlers at the resettlement scheme to walk 30 kilo meters to access health services at Kapiri Mposhi urban clinic which is the nearest health center.

This came to light when Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner Beatrice Sikazwe inspected progress at the construction of the health facility recently.

Ms. Sikazwe was in the company of District Community Medical Officer Charles Mwinuna and District Works Supervisor Robert Kasungulu.

The DC was informed that the construction works had been brought to a standstill because some villagers had allegedly stolen building materials meant for the completion of the clinic building, a staff house and two Ventilated Improved Toilets (VIPs).

The stolen building materials include 51 by 50 Kilogram pockets of cement, 14 air ventilators and construction equipment such as shovels and other building materials.

The clinic has only been constructed up to the roof level while the staff house was at slab level and efforts to open the facility have failed because of its incomplete state.

Ms. Sikazwe was incensed at the turn of events stating that the theft of the building materials was a huge drawback on government’s commitment to bring health care closer to its people.

The DC advised community members not to frustrate but support government’s efforts by safeguarding service facilities that it was constructing in the district for their benefit.

“It is sad that the same communities that government is assisting are the same ones involved in stealing the materials and things aimed at helping them… This attitude is very retrogressive and should be stopped, immediately,” Ms. Sikazwe said.

The DC urged members of the Lukanda Resettlement Scheme to report anyone they will suspect to have been part to the theft of the building materials.