Chinese contractor irks government

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Government has expressed concern at the slow pace at which Hua Jiang Investment the contractor working on Kaputa Boarding School is working.

Kaputa District Administrative Officer Alick Kampamba said the contractor is moving at a slow pace and that the district authorities are now concerned that the school might again fail to open by January next year.

Mr. Kampamba who toured the construction works at the school yesterday has since directed the contractor to speed up the works and ensure that they are completed at the end of this year.

He said government wants to see the school open to the public including the boarding section.

The DC said it would be unacceptable for the school not to open when about 95 percent of the works have been done and only minor works in the sewer lines were remaining.

He advised the contractor who are complaining about the rocks in the area to use explosives to break the stones and continue with the works.

Mr. Kampamba also asked the contractor to increase the number of workers and bring in more materials for the project.

During the tour, Hua Jiang Investment representative, Shang Long said the construction of the school might not be completed this year due to the challenges of rocks when digging drainage for sewer lines.

Mr. Long said the drilling machine from its head office in Lusaka has failed to work due to excessive rocks in the area.

He also attributed the delays in the works to lack of materials to use for the project adding that arrangements have however been made with the company head office in Lusaka to send what was required.

Mr. Long said the remaining works can however be done within four months provided all the necessary materials including the drilling machines are sent on time.

Kaputa secondary which is being upgraded to a boarding is the only secondary school covering both Kaputa and Nsama districts and the lack of places for grade 10 has forced government to open some classes for learning at the incomplete structure.