Social protection fund benefits 150 villagers

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Social protection fund benefits 150 villagers

Kapiri Mposhi, 6 August , 2014,ZANIS – Over 150 underprivileged and vulnerable older persons are earmarked to benefit from the Social Protection Fund this year in Kapiri Mposhi district.

The Social Protection Fund is government assistance in form of grants given to individuals and households through the Department of Social Welfare to cushion their hardships and afford a sustainable livelihood.

The fund targets older individuals who want to venture into viable income generating activities to improve their living standards at household and community level.

Kapiri Mposhi District Social Welfare Officer, Busiku Habasonda told ZANIS today that the department has shortlisted 153 individual vulnerable older persons who are expected to be provided with capital for small scale income generating projects this year.

Ms. Habasonda said this followed the individuals’ successful application for assistance upon filling the prescribed forms and submission of project proposals for approval and subsequent funding.

She said the applicants applied to be assisted with funding to undertake income generating activities that include livestock rearing, tailoring and farming activities. 

“We have received applications and project proposals from individual older persons who want to benefit from the Social Protection Fund this year of which they will be assessed and funded accordingly after approval from the province,” Ms. Habasonda said.

The fund is aimed at reducing vulnerability and destitution of older persons their families and communities.

Ms. Habasonda said other than the Social Protection Fund the department was implementing the Public Welfare Assistance Scheme (PWAS) which targets orphans and vulnerable children, female headed households the chronically ill and the disable.

She  said her office is also administering the Social Cash Transfer Scheme which provides support in form of cash to vulnerable individuals and households.

Ms. Habasonda urged vulnerable groups and individuals to take advantage of the various empowerment social schemes being offered by government in the district to improve their livelihoods.