Prisons service buys over 5, 000 uniforms for inmates

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The Zambia Prisons Service has purchased over Five Thousand (5000) Uniforms for inmates across the country.

Zambia Prisons Service Public Relations Manager Doreen Ngoma confirmed that the Prisons Service is also in the process of purchasing additional attire to carter for inmates in all the detention centres countrywide.

Ms Ngoma said once this is done, no prisoner will be allowed to go for outside activities in their private clothes as was the trend in some prisons.

And Ms Ngoma has also confirmed the critical shortage of uniforms for inmates at Kamfinsa State Prison.

Ms Ngoma said the shortage will now be a thing of the past since the institution has addressed the matter.

She also added that lack of uniforms for prisoners is not the major contributing factor of prisoners escaping from prison.

She noted that although there has been incidences of escapees, the number was minimal.