FRA trucks destroy Lufubu bridge

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FRA trucks destroy Lufubu bridge

Luwingu, 6th August, 2014 -ZANIS – Lufubu bridge connecting Luwingu to Senior Chieftainess Chungu’s area in Luwingu district has been destroyed by heavy trucks carrying maize for the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

Senior Chieftainess Chungu of Abena Mukulu people in Luwingu has confirmed the development in an interview with ZANIS in the area today.

The traditional leader has meanwhile appealed to the government through the Disaster Management Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to urgently do something before the bridge is completely damaged.

She said if the bridge collapsed completely it will be difficult to transport maize from her chiefdom to Luwingu main shed and Kasama .

She lamented that over 1,500 small scale farmers in Ipusukilo, musebo-busaka,  kapoma and other surrounding villages may not sale their maize to the FRA because if the bridge is not repaired adding that the nearest FRA satellite depot was at Mapulanga  about 15 kilo meters away.

Senior chieftainess Chungu said that FRA will also find it hard to ferry maize from Mapulanga, Chungu Kabangalala and Mutondo satellite depots to the main located at Luwingu district.

And when contacted for a comment Luwingu District Commissioner Mambwe Katontoka confirmed having received information about the damaged Lufubu Bridge.

Mrs. Katontoka said information about the damaged Lufubu bridge has been communicated to the office of the permanent secretary for possible funding to rehabilitate the bridge before rains start.

She appealed to Senior Chieftainess Chungu and her subjects not to panic as government will purchase all the maize from the farmers throughout the district.