MMD president Nevers Mumba
MMD president Nevers Mumba

1. MMD has an established track record. We transformed Zambia from a despotic One-Party state with a GDP Per Capita in the bottom five African countries in 1991 into a Lower Middle Income country by 2010 with established institutions of governance, a free press and improved material living conditions for Zambians. The freedoms Zambians are enjoying today are the result of the MMD.

2. MMD has a comprehensive vision created by its founder members in 1990. Most other parties follow whatever their party president says.

3. MMD has the best people. The ruling party and other opposition parties are constantly attempting to poach our members.

4. MMD is an established institution that does not depend on any one person.

5. MMD is the only fully democratic party. We do not have a “Messiah” president. NEC members are elected and we are the only major party that has used the 50%+1 system to elect the party president from inception. All our processes are democratic and work by consensus.

6. MMD has the greatest diversity of membership across all tribes, cultures and various nationalities. We are the most representative party in Zambia.

7. MMD has the most widespread party structures in the country. Not even the ruling PF can match us.

8. MMD has the best experience in governance. We are tried and tested.

9. MMD has what it takes to turn Zambia into a fully developed nation. Our improved development plans have been worked on by the best brains in the country and will be immediately implemented upon election in 2016.

10. MMD has become even better after losing the 2011 elections. We have worked hard to address and correct all the negative things from our past. We are “Born Again”.