Murder cases rampart in Western Province – ZP

Police IG Libongani
Police IG Libongani

Western Province Police Commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi has disclosed that the most prevalent cases in the Western Province are Murder and Stock theft.

Ms. Kamukoshi has told QFM News in an interview that Murder cases are mostly recorded in places like Mongu, Kaoma and Sioma districts.

The Western Province Police Chief however notes that in terms of stock theft the levels have tremendously reduced in places like Shang’ombo and Senanga districts due to joint operations with the Namibian Counterparts.

Ms. Kamukoshi explains that usually such cases are family related differences which eventually end up in Murder cases.

She adds that in other instances most Women die out of Gender Based Violence (GBV) hence the reason why the two Countries conduct joint operations once a month so as to ensure that there is sanity.

Meanwhile the Zambia Police Service in Western Province and its Namibian Counterparts have strengthened relations with the owners of abattoirs’ in the Province to ensure that animals that are slaughtered are not stolen animals.

Ms. Kamukoshi notes therefore that her Office has since put Police Officers on the ground to ensure that there is stiff security in the area.