Romantic bliss breaks Lusaka marriage

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A ROMANTIC bliss from a side walk has made a 49-year-old Lusaka man leave his matrimonial home and fail to support his wife and children for eight years.
This was heard in a case where Annie Ngoma, 32, a resident of Matero Township dragged her husband Paul Lushiku to court for failing to support his children.

Ngoma told Senior Court Magistrates Petronella Kalyelye and Lewis Mumba that Lushiku has for eight years failed to financially support his children after leaving her for his new found love.
“I have been doing everything on my own and it has not been easy. What hurts me most is that my husband is spending his money on this woman and the children he has with her but he fails to do the same for the children he has with me,” she said.
Ngoma said Lushiku told her to provide everything for their children since they were under her care.
“This really hurt me very much because my husband has children with this woman; he buys food and pays school fees for them. My children also need to enjoy the fruits of their father’s labour while he is still alive,” she said.
However Lushiku denied the allegation and said he has been rendering financial support to the family from the time he left his matrimonial home.
Lushiku told the court that it was actually Ngoma who chased him from their home after he decided to marry a second wife.
“I told her about my intentions to marry a second wife and in objection to the idea she threw me out of our matrimonial home. I give her money for food for the children whenever I have,”he said.
But in response, Ngoma said K100 is not enough to feed four grown children for two or three days.
Lushiku told the court that he recently gave Ngoma K400 to use for the children’s school fees and wondered why she was complaining.
Passing judgment, the court ordered Lushiku to pay Ngoma K350 monthly as child maintenance and to also pay other bills for them if need arose.

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