Man ‘sees’ dog in wife


WHILE many men appreciate their wives, a Ng’ombe resident finds pleasure in insulting his wife calling her a ‘dog.’
Namakonda Nasilele told the Chelstone Local Court that her marriage to Felix Shita, 38, has been on the rocks since 2012 when he started calling her names.

“My husband tells me that I’m a log and that I’m not worthy to be called a woman. He also tells me that he made a mistake by marrying me because I have not borne him a child,” Nasilele said.
She said this in a case in which she sued Shita for divorce. They got married in 2005 and both have children from previous marriages. Shita paid a cow for her in marriage.
Nasilele further said Shita is an irresponsible man who spends most of his time drinking beer in bars.
“Whenever we went to sleep, he used to grab the blanket from me and I will cover myself with a chitenge material,” she said.
Nasilele also said Shita’s greed led him to chase her daughter from their home on grounds that she used to finish food.
She also said Shita likes beating and mocking her saying that he married her so that she can be taking care of his 12- year-old son.
Nasilele in her last word said she wants her marriage to end.
But Shita said all was well in their marriage when they were living in the village and that problems started when they came to Lusaka.
“My wife used to shout at me whenever I went home without any money. I told her that I do not get enough money but she did not understand. I told her to leave me if she could not cope with the suffering because I’m poor,” he said.
Shita however said he does not want the marriage dissolved because he still loves his wife.
Passing judgment, the court upheld the claim and granted the duo divorce.
No compensation was given to either party but the court ordered the couple to share property equally.

Zambia Daily Mail