Man dies after genital surgery

Man dies after genital surgery
Man dies after genital surgery

A 78-YEAR-OLD man of Chishiba village in Mungwi has died after a botched surgical operation by his relative to remove a testicle using a razor blade in a bid to treat hernia.

A hernia is the protrusion of an organ or the fascia of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it from within.
Northern Province commissioner of police Charity Katanga said yesterday that the incident happened last Friday around 13:00 hours at Chishiba village in Paramount Chief Chitimukulu’s area.
Ms Katanga identified the deceased as Robinson Bwalya.
She said Mr Bwalya had hernia and his relative named as Michael Kankula, 57, allegedly operated on him using a razor blade to remove his testicle.
“Mr Bwalya was allegedly suffering from hernia and Kankula operated on his testicles.  He completely cut them off, which resulted in Mr Bwalya bleeding to death,” Ms Katanga said.
Ms Katanga said Kankula has gone into hiding and police will charge him with murder when apprehended
The matter was reported to police by a member of the Community Crime Prevention Unit identified as Dominic Mulenga.
Mr Bwalya’s body is in Kasama General Hospital mortuary.
Meanwhile, CHAMBO NG’UNI and KALUNGA MUSONDA report that police in Chibombo have arrested a 26-year-old man of Kabwe who attempted to flee to Lusaka after allegedly murdering his uncle last Thursday.
Alfred Musonda allegedly attacked his uncle James Musonda, 57, of Natuseko Site and Service township with an axe around 17:30 hours after prayers were conducted for him to “exorcise demons”.
Central Province deputy commissioner of police Edwin Bwanga said yesterday that Musonda was apprehended at Kabangwe police checkpoint on Saturday.
“He is being brought back to Kabwe as we continue investigations in the murder of his uncle,” Mr Bwanga said.
Mr Bwanga said the deceased was a Zambia Railways Limited employee and his body is in Kabwe General Hospital mortuary.
Alfred’s family is shocked that he allegedly murdered Mr Musonda, who looked after him and wanted him to recover.
Family spokesperson Elizabeth Mwanza said Musonda allegedly axed his uncle three times in the head.
Ms Mwanza said in  Kabwe that the incident happened after an exorcism was conducted on Alfred.
She said Alfred, who is a student at the National Institute for Public Administration (NIPA) in Lusaka, allegedly entered Mr Musonda’s house soon after bludgeoning him with an axe as though nothing had happened.
She said he started exhibiting strange behaviour in February this year and he was taken to Kabwe General Hospital and was later referred to Chainama Hills Hospital in Lusaka.



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