Disgusting brag: Man shows wife used condoms

Criminal court
Criminal court

IT IS unusual for men to wash dirty linen in public but this was not so for a man of Ng’ombe Township who used to show his wife used condoms whenever he had sex with his girlfriends.
This came to light when Christine Chola, 26, lamented before Chelstone Local Court justices Hope Mwila and Bertha Zulu in a case in which she sued John Katongo,33, also of the same township for divorce.

They got married in 2005 and have three children together aged between eight, six and four.
Katongo, however, did not pay any dowry.
The visibly angry Chola bemoaned her endurance of emotional and physical abuse at the hands of Katongo who allegedly turned her into a punching bag.
She said she has never enjoyed her marriage to Katongo for nine years.
“My husband likes beating me even when I’m ill. He also likes accusing me of having sexually transmitted infections whenever I fall sick,” she furiously said.
Chola, who has been on separation from Katongo for five months, further told the court that he has no respect for his in-laws as he showers unprintables on them.
She also said Katongo is an irresponsible man who does not support his family materially despite being the head of the house.
But Katongo said he has not been supporting his family since the time they went on separation because Chola stones him whenever he visits her and the children.
He said all was well in their marriage and that problems started after his wife’s brother impregnated his sister.
“My wife did not tell me that his brother impregnated my sister. Worse still, she told my sister to accuse another man of being responsible,” he said.
Passing judgment, the court dismissed the claim because no dowry was paid.
The court however advised Chola to sue for child maintenance. The court further advised Chola’s parents to buy a summon for elopement.