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THE Lusaka City Council (LCC) will spend about K10 million to construct three new fire stations in Chelstone, Makeni and Chilenje.

Meanwhile, the council has partnered with ZANACO to carry-out a deduct payment system for the corporate clients.

LCC assistant public relations manager Brenda Katongola disclosed that the council was constructing three new fire stations in Lusaka in order to bring the services closer to the people.

Speaking at the on-going 88th Agricultural and Commercial show in Lusaka yesterday, Ms Katongola said the council was breaking new grounds through various innovations and payment system meant to enhance service delivery.

Ms Katongola said the council had also opened new satellite offices in Chelstone, Chilenje and Matero respectively.

“We believe this will enhance the service delivery and our clients they don’t have to make trips to the Civic Centre to make payments,” she said.

Ms Katongola said they have partnered with ZANACO to carry out deduct payment systems for its corporate clients.

This will allow them to make payments for billboards, ground rent and rates using ZANACO saying that they client can instruct their banks to pay LCC for the outstanding arrears.

“The deduct payment system started in July 1, 2014 and so far we have managed to increase revenue collection by 60 per cent,” Ms Katongola said.

He said in excess of K1 billion was owed to the council by corporate world saying that with the introduction of the deduct payment system the revenue collection had increased by 60 per cent.

“The payments that we used to get in three to four months we can now receive it within one month,” She said.

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