– Let’s all celebrate our jubilee of independence — Chief Chisheta

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Let’s all celebrate our jubilee of independence — Chief Chisheta  

Lusaka, August 2 nd, 2014, ZANIS — Chief Chisheta of the Aushi people in Chipili District of Luapulas Province says the forth coming jubilee of Independence is a happy moment for all Zambians to enjoy irrespective of the diverse political and tribal affiliation.


Chief Chisheta, whose actual name is Ronald Kabaso, says all Zambians should celebrate the country’s jubilee of independence in oneness and love.


The traditional said personally he was happy to be alive and witness various development activities in the country in the past fifty years.


ZANIS reports that the traditional ruler said this in a telephone interview from his palace in Chipili District, today.


He that from what he has seen so far in the country , there will be plenty of good for all Zambians in the near future.


“The jubilee of independence means a lot to me personally. I was p[art of the struggle as regional Secretary in Chingola and Chililabombwe.

“   So am quite happy to celebrate 50 years of independence, “ he said.


Zambia celebrates fifty years of independence this October 24th, against a back drop of various social – economic challenges such as poverty, disease outbreaks like HIV/AIDS pandemic and un-employment.


It is these concerned that sections of society are expressing their displeasure and threats to boycott the celebrations.


However, Chief Chisheta has advised that political players in the country particularly the opposition to lead the country peacefully.


He advised the opposition to continue offering checks and balances to the ruling PF government to avoid taking the country to the UNIP era of one party rule.


Chief Chisheta was however quick to advise the opposition to be positive in their criticizing the government adding that they should not be violent.


“ Zambia has never been violent, so the opposition should ensure that they give constructive advise to government, “ he said.


He also urged the media fraternity in the country to be mindful of its reportorial duties to ensure lasting peace in the country.


The traditional ruler said the media as the fourth estate of the country should ensure that they reported truthfully and objectively by avoiding taking sides.


He said the nation as a whole was praying that the media industry would its level best of remaining neutral so that the country continues being peaceful.