VJ urges Zambians to put aside differences

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VJ urges Zambians to put aside differences

Lusaka, August 1,2014, ZANIS…..Veteran politician Vernon Mwaanga has called on Zambians to set aside their political grievances and participate in the golden jubilee celebrations.

Dr Mwaanga says any grievances that people might have should not affect  Zambia’s 50 years of independence celebrations on October 24.

Speaking during radio Phoenix’s Let the people talk programme in Lusaka today, Dr Mwaaanga said those with grievances should find a different platform where they could be addressed.

He said there is need for the country to develop capacity to deal with conflict resolution within and among the people.

Dr. Mwaanga who was recently bestowed with a doctorate of philosophy in conflict resolution by the Copperbelt University encouraged Zambians to exhibit tolerance and to respect each other’s opinion.

Dr. Mwaanga has also urged Zambians to continue working hard adding that it was the only way in which Zambia could achieve economic development.

He said the efforts that started years ago must continue even after 50 years of independence.

The veteran politician said the hard work rendered now won’t only exhibit continuous progress in the country but will also benefit generations to come.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mwaanga has emphasized the need for Zambia to monitor all the major entry border points of the country so as to look out for any possible cases of Ebola.

Dr. Mwaanga further said the country should be sufficiently alert in case of any signs of Ebola which is a deadly disease and has broken out in some parts of West Africa claiming several lives.