Sata mourns Chief Lukwesa

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— President Michael Sata has described the late Chief Lukwesa of Mwense district in Luapula Province as a tireless and selfless leader.

The President says the late chief Lukwesa will always be remembered for his hard work to in bringing development to not only his chiefdom but to the entire Luapula Province.

ZANIS reports that in a speech read for him by Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Deputy Minister Susan Kawandami during the burial of Chief Lukwesa Yesterday the President said government is saddened by the death of the traditional leader.

President Sata says government attaches great importance to the institution of chiefs saying they were part of the governance process in the country and sole custodians of traditional authority.

He said to ensure that the institution of chiefs is enhanced government will  provides decent accommodation and transport to the traditional leaders country-wide.

And Luapula Province Minister Benson Kapaya described the late chief as a committed leader who always wanted to improve the lives of his subjects.

Brig.Gen Kapaya said during his reign the late chief transformed the face of Mwense as the district witnessed high levels of development.

He cited the Isubilo Farm Plantation in which government invested over K1.7 million as one such project which came with support of the late chief.

The late Chief Lukwesa born Joseph Chinyanta died at the age of 79 and ascended to the throne of chief Lukwesa in 1995.